About Ayse

I was born and educated in Turkey’s capital Ankara. After graduating from Bilkent university  I also started  to work in  the city but dreamed of a country life. So, I signed up for a professional guides course and after completion moved to the small seaside town of Kaş.
As well as leading  archeaological and cultural tours all over Turkey I worked as a restaurant manager then ran  my own kitchen down by the beach. It was there that I met my future husband Dean who shared the same fascination in food, history and nature.
Whilst running my tours my interest in traditional  regional dishes and  foods social history evolved into  various new ventures…
We moved to the beautiful Kayaköy valley where our daughter Nilsu was born and I started my cooking workshops. Most of the produce was grown in our garden or locally in the fertile valley. After seven wonderful years we made the move back to Kaş where we live out of town immersed in nature. We now collect our water supply  from the sky and electric charge from the sun and watch over the Greek Island of Meis. The last four years I have continued my workshops and  branched into natural products producing and selling pickles and aromatic oils along with drying herbs. In 2018 I wrote a series of thirteen food documentaries travelling to different regions of Turkey in search of delicious specialities and writing interesting stories. In 2019 and the future, family active, kids cooking workshops and gastronomy tours of Turkey should  be able to stimulate my culinary passion.