Daily Workshops

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Using all local products. prepare a three course traditional Turkish meal. We have a varied menü that will please meat eaters , vegetarians, vegans and  people with food allergies.

After preparing some delicious ‘meze’starters we start to cook our main course. Using local products such as home made tomato pastes and dried herbs from the garden to flavour our traditional dish. The menu contains option for both meat eaters and vegetarians. This is like a traditional full menü of a Turkish meal. We are using the local products, home made tomato pastes and dried herbs from our garden. We have different options for meat eaters and vegetarians. During the meal it is always nice to discuss the history of the food on these land from the hittite times.
It is a good option tomake your own dinner party when you get back home.

Price 40GBP 45 EUR 
Includes transport to/from Kaş