Meze Workshop

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Prepare five delicious Turkish meze under the expert guidance of Ayşe. Enjoy tasting with a complimentary glass of wine.

HAVUÇ TARAMA Carrot with garlic yoğurt with nuts

HUMUS – Classic humus with carameliased onions ,seasoned with nutmeg

ATOM Fort he chilli lovers,yoğurt and dried hot peppers

PİYAZ – White beans salad with tahini and sesame seeds

SMOKED AUBERGINE SALAD – Smoked aubergine with fresh herbs and vinegar

KURU DOLMA – Dried peppers and cucambers stuffed with rice,herbs and dressed with pomagranate dressing

ŞAKŞUKA – Fried aubergine with garlic and tomato souce

MUSHROOM DOLMA – Mushrooms stuffed with cheddar cheese and butter

ACILI EZME – Chilli dip with tomato and nuts

OLIVE SALAD – Sweet and sour olive salad with nuts and dried fruits

PEYNİRLİ EZME – Feta cheese spread with nuts and chilli paste

MÜCVER – Corguette fritters with spieces and dill

ACILI LAHANA SALATASI – Hot red cabbage salad with raisons

ÇERKEZ TAVUĞU – Chicken spread with bread crums and coriender

FISH PATE – Fish pate with chives and cumin

AVACADO DIP – Turkish avacado with garlic and olive oil

MİDYELİ DOLMA – Stuffed cabbage leaves with rice and mussels

The tour begins at your time of Choice.

Price 35 EUR per person for min 2 pax (includes a glass of wine)
Special bookings for group dinner workshops(evening), for more information contact Ayşe

[email protected]